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Wayne Lee


These challenging times  demand experienced, dynamic leadership to keep our families and neighborhoods safe. 

Here are my priorities.
Please tell me yours, by completing my District 2 Neighborhood survey.

Wayne and The Labor Council food giveaway. Hundreds of families benefits from their contribution.
Wayne and John Muniz delivering pallets of supplies during the pandemic to The Samaritan House.

Maintaining Fire Protection & Police Services

Maintain Fire Protection and Police Services: As Mayor, I led efforts to prevent devastating cuts to 911 and emergency medical services in Millbrae’s Fire Department. Your safety remains my top priority. We must maintain downtown and neighborhood police patrols and above all, work together to ensure safety at our local school sites.

Maintaining Parks

Maintaining our Parks and Repairing Streets/Potholes: I’m tired of walking on buckled sidewalks and driving over potholes! District 2 is home Bayside Manor Park—the playground and landscaping need attention and must be upgraded. As your Council member, I’ll fight for our fair share of money to keep District 2’s parks, streets and roads properly maintained.

Reduce Homelessness

Reduce Homelessness: I will expand partnerships with nonprofit providers and the County to expand counseling, substance abuse treatment, transitional housing, and job training for people in need, while ensuring our business districts, parks and public areas are safe and secure for everyone.

Prevent Flooding

Prevent Flooding: Like many of you, I was devastated over the flood-related tragedies in our District. The time is now to make a commitment to fixing our deteriorating storm drain infrastructure so these terrible accidents don’t happen in the future.

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